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Agent Sales Portal

In our efforts to provide you with the "next level of service," EpicPay has created a new sales tool called the Sales Portal.

The Sales Portal is a web based tool for sales offices, sales representatives and remote users to access critical information concerning their respective business. This web based system is a direct extension of our internal database. This means that all information is real time and everyone in the company is operating from the same set of data and information. The primary features of the Sales Portal are:

Information Center

  • Provides a snap shot of your current merchant accounts and the respective status of each account.
  • A drill down feature allows you to look at the details of every account in each status.
  • View the specific reasons for any merchant account currently in Pended status
  • View the Merchant Application for reference purposes
  • Open a Trouble Ticket on a specific merchant that will be routed to the appropriate department for immediate resolution

Documentation Center

This section provides all company documents, forms, training material, Merchant Applications

Application Center

  • Create a Fill-able Application that can be emailed to a Merchant for Completion securely
  • Save a copy of any Merchant application filled in
  • Submit the actual Application directly to Underwriting

Leads Generator

This system is still in development. It will provide the ability to manage prospective leads with the ability to transfer a lead to a sale through the Sales Portal

Trouble Ticket Center

  • Create Trouble Tickets and Inquiries to the appropriate department
  • All Tickets are managed to ensure resolution takes place within the pre established time frames

Go to the Sales Portal now, by clicking on the link below!

If you don’t already have a login and password, please contact Megan Flores at (866) 377-3287 ext. 302