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Security / Fraud


We take a holistic approach to security, compliance and risk management and offer integrated technologies, like end-to-end encryption, that help effectively manage security and risk. Our comprehensive solutions let merchants easily meet compliance requirements, reduce risk for data security and privacy and securely process both in-store and online transactions.

PCI Assistance

We understand that PCI DSS compliance can be intimidating, especially for smaller merchants. That’s why EpicPay has partnered with ControlScan®, an industry leader in information security and compliance, to help you simplify the process with our PCI Portal. Our PCI Portal has been specially developed with Level 4 Merchants* in mind. With a wizard-style interface and an online security advisor, you’ll be advised on adopting best practices and follow important steps that lead to your PCI DSS compliance and validation. 
*Level 4 Merchants are those processing less than 1 million transactions annually from all acceptance channels with one card brand, or those processing less than 20,000 e-commerce transactions annually with one card brand.


End-to-End Encryption

When it comes to mitigating security breaches, point to point data field encryption provides a solid layer of added protection. With EpicPay’s end-to-end encryption technology, data is encrypted at the point of entry, making it unusable to thieves and hackers. Not only does this reduce the risk of your data being exposed, but it can also help reduce the systems in scope for PCI Compliance. That’s security and savings.
Encoded on the magnetic stripe of every credit card is sensitive personal and financial data, including the cardholder's name, account number and security codes. This information is the prime target for cardholder data theft. Hackers can use malicious software, called packet sniffers, to intercept this sensitive cardholder data passing across a merchant's computer network when running a transaction. End-to-end encryption ensures cardholder data is protected from the point of card swipe or key-entry and while in transit to the processor.



Merchants that retain payment card data have a responsibility to ensure it’s protected. Consumers expect their card information to be safe, but protecting this data can be a daunting task.
We believe there is a better way to approach card data protection so you can stay focused on what’s most important—running your business. That approach is to use Tokenization to replace card data with a substitute value—a token—that is useless to criminals who may be attempting to steal data. 


Breach Assistance

Validating PCI compliance means that you’re taking the right steps to protect your business. But, no matter what steps you take, there is no such thing as 100 percent security.

What would you do if your system was breached? Our Breach Assistance program protects you from certain financial losses that can result from a suspected or actual cardholder data breach at your business.


Breach Related Expenses

The cost of a data security breach can vary depending on the size and duration of the compromise, but it could easily be enough to jeopardize your business if you don’t have a program in place to help with your expenses in the event of a breach. Breach Assistance can help with the following expenses: