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Campaign Module

Spur Your Church to Action.

SecureGive's Campaign Site feature provides a platform to communicate the vision, purpose and specifics of your capital campaign on an ongoing basis. With the site, we can customize an online experience, allowing our church members to interact with us and stay engaged with this long-term project. Developing an online presence allows you to keep the project in front of your church over the long haul of a campaign.

Gain the ability to communicate both to people who are regular attendees and who understand the basic plans and goals of the project, as well as people who are new to your church and need to "catch up" with the. Use this customized site to outline the basics of the project, the financial goals, and the specific plans.Use the campaigns module to expand the breadth and depth of your communication, and help spur your church to action!

Here are some ways you can utilize Campaigns:

  • Allow members to interact and stay engaged
  • Compile blog, video, or sermon resources to feature your campaign
  • Track your progress in real time
  • Strategically refresh your communication
  • Create added energy throughout the year