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Referral Partners


Designed to help individuals and business owners leverage their existing professional networks and client base, our referral program offers a simple and easy way to create a new income stream while enhancing the value of your services. If you already promote a product or solution that caters to business owners, this opportunity is structured to complement your existing business.

The Process is Simple:

  • Sign an EpicPay Finder's Agreement
  • Send us your referral's contact information
  • EpicPay does all the heavy lifting -- we handle the process from start to finish and beyond
  • Get paid a monthly override for the life of the account

There are numerous benefits of participating in the EpicPay referral program, including;

  • Allowing your organization to provide a full-service merchant processing program without requiring your company to manage the program
  • Engenders loyalty among your customers by extending your value added services
  • Your referred clients will be supported by the customer service in the industry
  • Provides ongoing fee-based revenue

We welcome an opportunity to further discuss our referral program with you. For your convenience you can click, call, or chat to connect with us.