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We earnestly desire that a relationship with EpicPay has left a person, a company or a community better off than when we first met them. We are committed to creating a positive global impact as a result of our success and the success of our clients.

Each year, EpicPay donates a significant portion of its revenues to ministries and outreach programs in the U.S. and throughout the world. In addition to the financial contributions, the owners and staff embark on trips to bring food, clothing and hope to people in need. Some of the countries visited include: India, Mexico, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Trinidad, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines.

Within the DNA of EpicPay lies a conviction to go beyond traditional corporate goodwill. Determining how much we would contribute to various local and global humanitarian ventures was our first ever established goal and continues to be at the forefront of planning annual objectives. As always this translates to being willing to share your own success with the less fortunate.

EpicPay fosters a culture for employee-nominated collaborations with qualifying nonprofits. Each year EpicPay employees give and volunteer out of the commitment they feel toward their own communities. The caliber of EpicPay’s employees is second to none. We’re grateful for the difference their generosity and responsibility makes in the lives of our neighbors and clients.

EpicPay’s leaders align with organizations proven in their commitment to foster lasting change. We look for ways to serve people past momentary needs. Those dedicated to the education and socio-economic development required for sustained cultural impact are who we align with. We contribute to nationally recognized nonprofits such as Susan G. Komen and the American Red Cross, but our passion is to sow into charitable and faith-based organizations that are young. We like to roll up our sleeves and get involved in a personal way.

This paradigm is the driving force and foundation of EpicPay’s distinctive business model. It’s why our company was founded and it continues to be the reason we aim for success every day.