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Gift Cards


Gift cards are reusable, stored-value cards that provide merchants an electronic alternative to paper gift certificates. Our high quality gift cards generate sales at the time of purchase and when redeemed. And since most consumers spend more than the amount on the card, merchants enjoy the additional profit.

Use gift cards to promote sales events, new products, and new locations.

Gift Card Statistics

  • Two-thirds of all consumers have purchased at least one gift card
  • 55% of gift card recipients make more than one trip to the business to deplete the value of their card
  • The average recipient spends 20% more than their card’s initial value
  • 69% of companies using them stated that gift cards are more effective than cash in motivating and rewarding employees
  • 10 - 15% of gift card recipients never redeem the full value of a card, meaning the business keeps it as profit
  • 81% of consumers purchase gift cards for birthdays. 67% percent purchase gift cards for holidays
  • Studies found that 40% of shoppers using a retailer’s card bought items at full price. Only 16% of shoppers using other payment methods bought at full price
  • When retailers switch from paper gift certificates to gift cards, they sell anywhere from 50-100% more