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ACH Debit Program

ACH Debit enables merchants to process authorized debits from a consumer or business checking account. Debits can be scheduled for a one-time charge or for recurring billing. Using a web-based interface and PC, merchants are able to electronically deduct authorized payments from the client’s account for faster, safer processing. Scheduling customer billing has never been easier.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty and Rewards programs supply customers with cards used to accumulate dollars, reward points, or a percentage back in a merchant’s store or business. Merchants are able to predetermine the levels of rewards or points that will drive business, build a strong rapport with new customers, and keep their current customers coming back. 

Check Guarantee


Check Guarantee is protection that eliminates the risks of accepting bad checks at the Point-of-Sale (POS). Merchants can enjoy peace of mind knowing that during face-to-face transactions, verification and authorization are obtained for a swift approval or decline, and that funds are guaranteed.

Check Conversion


Check Conversion provides the necessary tools for merchants to accept and process checks electronically at the point-of-sale, just like a credit card. Using a check reader or imager connected to a credit card terminal, merchants are able to process and deposit checks without making a trip to the bank.

Check 21+


Check 21+, also known as Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), is the process of recording an image of a check that can be transmitted electronically in place of the paper document, which means faster, safer processing times. Merchants can accept ALL types of paper checks and “skip the trip to the bank.”